Frequently Asked Questions

Can you take bookings for animals at short notice?

I am normally able to take animals at short notice.  I will need to come and do an initial visit before you go away to meet you and your pet(s) however I can normally do this at short notice so please contact me.

I would like to book my animals in – how do I do this?

Please use the contact us page, send an e-mail to, or call me on 07896 057395 (If I am not available please leave a message) I will then arrange a convenient time to come and meet you and your pet(s) and fill in some basic paperwork. Please arrange to have a key for me to collect.

If you are likely to be repeat customers I can hold on to your key to make repeat bookings easier, so you can just contact me when you know the dates you will be away.

Can you home sit for me?

Sorry due to family commitments house sitting is not a service I can offer at this time. I am however happy to collect up your mail and water plants on my daily house visit.

Who will look after my pets?

I will be looking after everyone’s pets myself. I aim to do most of this around childcare, however there may be times when I have my children with me.

I will keep details of all pets I care for and what care they need so that in an emergency situation I can ensure they are still cared for if I am unable to.  I don’t envisage this happening but I like to have a back up plan just incase – you will be contacted if this does happen and I am unable to personally care for your pets.

Are you insured to look after my pet(s)?

Yes I hold insurance, please ask if you would like to see confirmation or further details of what I am covered for.

My pet needs to be fed/have medication at a certain time?

I can normally arrange to be at your home at a particular time but please do let me know when booking your pet in so I can see if I can accommodate it on those particular dates.

What if my pet needs to see a vet?

When I come on my initial visit I will take your vets details. If your pet needs to see a vet I will try to contact you. If I am unable to do this I will follow the vets advice for the best course of action for the wellbeing of your pet. Please note that any vets bills are your responsibility, upon your return you must pay the vet bill or if they need immediate payment you must reimburse Graham’s Pets and Ponies within 14 days.